Staying in shape has its price and many times it is high. Sure, you can exercise at home, but most people do not have the motivation, or the knowledge, when it comes to what exercises they should be doing. If you are a fan of the barre method workout, you probably already know that classes tend to be pricey. That is fine if you can afford it. After all, it is a great workout that in a short period of time can transform the look of your body. But if money is tight or you just do not want to spend your money on classes, you have another option. The Fluidity Bar and Fluidity Method gives you an opportunity to get the same great results doing it at home—or in a class if that is your preference.


Barre Method Workouts

Before understanding the Fluidity Bar and Fluidity Method, it helps to understand what the barre method entails. The barre method is a fusion of Pilates, yoga, dance movements, isometrics and even a little physical therapy theory. Through subtle, small movements that are held for a period of time, every muscle in your body is at work. And with little rest in between exercises, you can expect that your heart will be working just as hard.


The only piece of equipment that is generally used in these classes is a traditional ballet bar. Some classes will also use light weights, but a majority of the classes only rely on the bar.


Benefits of a Barre Method Workout

If you consistently go to barre method classes, you can expect your muscles to be elongated, strengthened and a lot stronger. Your flexibility will improve as well as your posture. Your arms and legs will have definition without looking bulky, your midsection will be flat and your body will nearly resemble that of a professional dancer.


Fluidity Bar and Method

The Fluidity Bar was created by Michelle Austin in 1999. She was a former teacher of the Lotte Berk Method—the origin of what is now the barre method. From her experience, she came up with the Fluidity Bar and Fluidity Method combining traditional bar work with a more current understanding of the way the human body is built and the way it moves.


The first Fluidity Bar and Fluidity Method class began in New York City in 1999 and gained a lot of national awareness. In 2002, a prototype of the Fluidity Bar, designed by engineers from MIT, had even more success as four more gyms in New York City began using them. The classes were popular because of its appeal to women of all ages and levels of fitness. In 2006, the at-home Fluidity Bar was introduced along with DVDs. It was initially sold via infomercials using testimony from real men and women who were already Fluidity Bar devotees. While the classes are primarily based in the New York City area, the company has plans to go worldwide.


The Fluidity Bar relies on your own body weight to transform your body so it is sleek, toned and strong—a lot like a dancer’s body. They promise to do this in just two half-hour classes per week. Fluidity Bar’s program is based on research with regards to exercise physiology and kinesiology along with ballet movements so your entire body is working and changing.


About the Fluidity Bar

Unlike wall mounted ballet bars, but just as strong, the Fluidity Bar is portable and can easily fold down to four inches high and can be rolled into a closet or underneath a bed for convenient storage. The attached mat provides a no-skid surface as well as comfort when you are performing the exercises.


The Fluidity Bar can be purchased for home use as well as the accompanying DVDs. So do not despair if you do not live in the New York City area—you can still enjoy all the benefits of a Fluidity Bar and Fluidity Method workout.


If you think that the Fluidity Bar is just another gimmick, consider this—a food and fitness advisor at Cornell University states, that it is “A better way to finally banish that belly…and firm your abdomen.”


Whether you take a class or try it at home, the Fluidity Bar and Fluidity Method are a perfect way to get that perfect body.

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