When a woman is pregnant, it is necessary for her to watch her heart rate and level of activity. While she does not have to give up exercise, she may not be able to workout at the same pace and intensity as she may have prior to becoming pregnant. For women who still want to stay active during those nine months, The Bar Method pregnancy workout is a perfect way to do just that. 

Can a Pregnant Woman Perform Barre Method Exercises?

Because pregnant women often have to abstain from higher impact exercises and lifting heavy weights, a barre workout is one of the best ways to maintain an exercise routine.

Advantages of Barre Method Exercises for Pregnant Women

  • Improving muscle strength. Let’s face it, pregnant women carry a lot more extra weight than they are used to which means even everyday movements like getting up, sitting down and even standing are going to be a lot more taxing on the body. Barre method exercises work all the major muscle groups (and then some) with a special emphasis on the lower body which is where most pregnant women start to have trouble. But by strengthening these muscles and working them throughout the pregnancy, those everyday activities may be a lot less difficult.
  • Increasing the heart rate on a smaller scale. There is nothing that says a pregnant woman cannot elevate her heart rate during exercise, but there are limits. Barre method workouts elevate the heart rate without going out of “the zone” that pregnant women must stay within. This means that women who are pregnant do not have to fully sacrifice getting in some cardiovascular work for nine whole months.
  • Body sculpting without heavy weights. If a woman prior to pregnancy utilized weight training methods, she may be disappointed that she cannot continue her regular routine while pregnant. For some women, this can be upsetting because all their hard work may come to an end and they will lose the strength and definition they worked so hard to achieve. But barre workouts offer those sculpting and strength exercises just without heavy weights. Some classes will utilize very light weights and some rely on just using body weight. Either way, a pregnant woman does not have to fear that her muscles will go into atrophy because her lifting days are on hold. 

Being pregnant does not have to mean ending exercising for nine months. The Bar Method Pregnancy Workout is a great way to stay in shape. Even if a woman never worked out prior to being pregnant, she can still start up with barre method classes and enjoy the many benefits it offers during pregnancy and after pregnancy!  Use the Bar Method Pregnancy Workout  to stay in shape and energize, because you will need all the energy you can get to keep up with the new arrival!

The Bar Method Pregnancy Workout

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